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Nina Smith

Professor of English
Division of English and Humanities
Programs: English

Courses Taught

English Composition I
Film Studies
Classical/Medieval Humanities



Central Oklahoma has been my home all my life: prairies, thunderstorms, orange-hued sunsets, and tornadoes. Wherever I have been, books have resided. The inquiring mind always needs another book. Alongside my books, films are parked: silent, classic, current, documentaries. History Channel, Science Channel, Ovation, and Discovery Channel are my most-watched satellite channels for research-based viewing: Battles B.C., Ancients Behaving Badly, Ancient Impossible, Ancient Discoveries, How the Earth was Made, The Universe, Outrageous Acts of Science, Through the Wormhole, How the Universe Works, Space’s Deepest Secrets, What Is Art? etc. Turner Classic Movies is tops for cinema: uncut, shown in the correct aspect ratio, original language, and commercial free! These are all absolutes for the serious movie buff! My B.A. was awarded to me by the University of Oklahoma, and my M.A. was awarded to me by the University of Central Oklahoma.


Nina Smith

Email: nsmith@occc.edu
Phone: (405) 682-1611 x7141
Office location: Arts and Humanities Center - Room 1E2A
Office hours:

Please refer to your syllabus for my office hours. If you are not currently enrolled in one of my classes, please email me or give me a call. That contact information is provided on this page. Or contact the Division of English and Humanities at 405-682-7558 to get my current office hours.

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