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Makenna Green

Professor of English
Division of English and Humanities
Programs: English

Courses Taught

English Composition I
English Composition II
Success in College and Life
Technical Writing


A proud alumna of OCCC, Professor Green completed her A.A. in Humanities at Oklahoma City Community College, B.A. in English at the University of Oklahoma, M.A. in English at the University of Central Oklahoma, and Ph.D. in English at the University of Oklahoma. Professor Green loves helping students be successful in their classes. She wants students to approach writing as a way of expressing themselves and communicating in today’s world. She encourages students to see themselves as writers with something important to say. She promotes collaboration, creativity, and communication in the classroom. She believes that students should write about topics that interest them and should engage in the writing process. She helps students write essays by creating one paragraph at a time. She enjoys talking about current events, contemporary communication methods, and the latest television shows. In addition to teaching at OCCC, Professor Green has worked in OCCC’s departments of Recruitment and Admissions, Academic Advising, and Cooperative Alliances. Professor Green enjoys working at an institution that cares about all students and their educational goals, and she wants students to reach their fullest potential.

faculty name

Email: makenna.j.green@occc.edu
Phone: (405) 682-1611 ext. 7658
Office location: Arts and Humanities Center, AH 2F3(A)
Office hours:

Office Hours vary each semester. Please contact professor or division office for current hours.

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