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Where do our students come from?

Students in the ESL Academic Bridge Program are from all over the world. No single nationality or regional group dominates our enrollment. Having students from so many backgrounds in the classroom creates an exciting atmosphere for learning. With English as our common language, we share our unique perspectives and gain cultural awareness. Students complete the program with a deeper understanding and appreciation of world cultures as well as American culture.

Our students come from many different countries including:

East Asia (43%) - Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and China
Americas (19%) - Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and many others
Central Asia (13%) - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Russia
Middle East (12%) -I ran, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, and many others
Europe (12%) - Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Bosnia, and others
Africa (1%) - Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and others
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Students in the Bridge Program are diverse in other ways as well. About half of our students are immigrants or refugees. These students are often living with their extended families. Many of them have part-time or full-time jobs to support themselves. These students plan to live permanently in the United States, and their educational and career goals reflect this intention. International students comprise the other half of our enrollment. These students are living temporarily in the U.S. in order to complete a college education. Their goal is to return to their native countries once their educational goals have been reached. The different circumstances and outlook of the two groups provide opportunities for interesting class discussion.

The ESL Academic Bridge Program at Oklahoma City Community College encourages students from all nationalities and backgrounds to study English with us. The opportunities for friendship and cultural exchange are not to be missed.