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Extracurricular Opportunities

Students on a Lawton Trip

Students in the ESL Academic Bridge Program are encouraged to take advantage of the many extracurricular opportunities available to them. Every year, the Bridge Program features the "Oklahoma Culture Series," a schedule of free field trips to points of interest in central Oklahoma. Most recently, the series has included trips to Guthrie, Lawton, the State Capitol, and the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Details of the trips appear below.

Guthrie Tour--Oklahoma's Beginnings 100 Years Ago

Students always enjoy historic Guthrie, the first capital city of the State of Oklahoma. The little town of Guthrie has been restored as a "living museum" and is a wonderful example of a Victorian-era prairie community. Guthrie has many interesting buildings representing the architecture of Victorian times. There are antique shops and art galleries of special interest. We also tour the elegant Masonic Temple building with its spectacular rooms each designed to present a unique period of world history.

Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Tour--The Wild West

Many people associate Oklahoma with cowboys and their traditions. The Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum teaches us about who cowboys really were and how they lived. Inside the museum is a reconstructed cowboy town complete with a saloon and horse barn. There is also a rodeo exhibit, where students can learn more about his popular local sport. Hollywood is not left out as we learn about famous movie cowboys, including Ronald Reagan, who later became a U.S. president.

Lawton Tour--Native Americans and the Buffalo

A great favorite with students is our trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Mount Scott, and the Fort Sill military base in Lawton. The Refuge offers students a chance to see buffalo living in a natural setting. We learn about Native Americans (Indians) of the region and how they depended on the buffalo for survival. We also visit the Fort Sill military outpost. The base, which is still active today, was the first outpost of the U.S. army in the region. Soldiers there kept peace among Indian tribes and between Indians and white settlers in Oklahoma's early days.

State Capitol Tour--Oklahoma's Government Today

On this tour, we are hosted by Oklahoma Legislature. We tour the awesome and majestic Capitol Building, which houses the offices of our governor, state lawmakers, and Supreme Court justices. This historic building is also filled with beautiful works of art depicting Oklahoma's history and culture as well as famous Oklahomans. Students are able to ask lawmakers questions about how they do their work. Sometimes the answers are surprising!

In addition to our trips, the Bridge Program hosts a large end-of-term party every semester. Students are encouraged to come in native dress and to share foods from their native cultures.