Living in Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City is a medium-sized American city located almost directly in the middle of the U.S.A. Most students agree that Oklahoma City is a great place to live. What are students saying about Oklahoma City?

Many students report that their number one reason for living in OKC is simple--low cost. Oklahoma City has one of the lowest cost of living indexes of any medium-sized city in the U.SA. This means that housing, utilities, gasoline, insurance, and other living costs are lower in Oklahoma City than in many other places. Housing, in particular, is a concern of many students. In Oklahoma City, it is possible to rent a comfortable apartment for $600 or less per month.

Students often comment that Oklahoma City feels spacious and clean. Streets and highways are wide and seldom congested. Shopping is convenient with plenty of free parking. The water and air quality are excellent, and the Great Plains landscape provides an everchanging view of the "big sky." Students agree that Oklahoma City is an enjoyable and leisurely place to live.

Students also comment that people of Oklahoma City are remarkably friendly. Total strangers say hello or wave when they pass by. Workers in stores, offices, and restaurants are smiling and helpful. Neighbors take an interest in new neighbors.

For more information about living in Oklahoma City, visit the website of the City of Oklahoma City or the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. At these websites you can see pictures of Oklahoma City, read information about moving here, find out what's new in OKC, and learn about the city's many attractions. At the website of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, you can learn more about Oklahoma history and culture.