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Oklahoma City Community College is closed March 17-24 for Spring Break. All offices will be closed, and classes are not in session. The college will reopen for normal business hours Monday, March 25. 


Housing and Transportation

Oklahoma City Community College, like most other community colleges in the U.S., is a commuter campus. There are no dormitories or student apartments on campus. Our students arrange their own housing. Some students live with relatives while others live with roommates or alone. There are a few apartment complexes located within walking distance of campus, but many more choices are available to students who can make a five or ten minute drive.

There are several Internet services that can assist students in finding apartments in Oklahoma City. A few such services appear in the list below:

As you use these services, keep in mind that Oklahoma City Community College is located in south Oklahoma City, near Moore, at 7777 S. May Avenue. If you don't want to drive far, you will want to find housing as close to the campus as possible.

Most students find it necessary to have a car while living in Oklahoma City. Public transportation is available in the form of buses and taxis, but the services are limited and somewhat inconvenient. Like many cities in the mid-west, Oklahoma City is spread out over a large area, and students usually find that having a car is essential in order to get around conveniently for study, shopping, and entertainment.

Used cars can be purchased in a wide price range from car lots or private individuals, and auto insurance is less expensive in Oklahoma City than in many other major U.S. cities.