Course Descriptions

ESL 0413--Advanced Listening:

This course develops the student's ability to comprehend and interpret aural information. Students practice active listening skills and develop comprehension abilities in a variety of discourse situations including natural conversations, film and video contexts, and classroom lectures. This course is organized around topics in American culture. Students learn about and discuss the cultural values and traditions which have shaped and continue to shape American society.

ESL 0463-Advanced Speaking:

This course increases the student's ability and confidence as an effective communicator in English. Students practice the advanced communications skills necessary for success in academic and professional situations. Speaking tasks assigned include discussion, debate, recitation, public speaking, and the production of dialogues and skits for in-class performance. Aspects of pronunciation are covered as needed to improve the student's overall comprehensibility.

ESL 0423-Advanced Reading

This course is for the student who wants to improve his/her ability to read English for academic purposes. Through extensive practice, students increase both their reading speed and their comprehension of college-level reading material. Acquisition of new college-level vocabulary is an integral part of the course. Students are given frequent and varied practice with vocabulary words including practice with word families and with the forms and grammatical features of new words.

ESL 0443-Advanced Writing

This course prepares students to write in English for academic purposes. Students develop the skills necessary for effective paragraph and essay writing. Students learn how to generate and focus ideas, to support a thesis, and to revise and refine their work. Writing strategies and techniques covered include brainstorming, free writing, drafting, and editing. The course introduces rhetorical patterns used in essay writing such as compare/contrast and persuasion.

ESL 0643-Advanced Grammar

This course provides a comprehensive and in-depth presentation of English grammar. Grammar aspects covered include the verb tense system, gerunds and infinitives, nouns and articles, adverb and adjective clauses, conditional structures, modal verbs, and the passive voice. Students develop mastery of these fundamental structures through a variety of practice exercises and activities. While focusing primarily on grammar, the course promotes the development of all language skills for effective communication.