No Hold Enrollment

No Hold Enrollment

Oklahoma City Community College knows you're working hard to finish your degree – don't let a balance on your student account stop you from enrolling now for the Summer or Fall 2017 semesters. Many OCCC students face challenges paying for their education. OCCC is here to help you meet your educational goals and to encourage your financial wellness. That's why we are offering an opportunity for students to enroll for the Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 semesters, even if you owe a balance on your student account (less than $1,500).

Finishing matters! We hope this will give you more time to focus on studying for finals this semester and to plan your repayment strategy for completing your degree or certificate program on time.

Frequently Asked Questions for Summer 2017/Fall 2017 No Hold Enrollment Opportunity

Q. This sounds awesome. How do I get started?

A. Contact the Bursar’s Office to determine if your total student balance is less than $1,500. Once you have spoken with the Bursar’s Office, you must come in-person to see an advisor in Academic Advising to enroll. The hold on your student account will not be removed, thus you will not be able to enroll online.


Q. Can I take advantage of this opportunity if I am not a current student?  

A. Yes. If you have not enrolled in classes within the past 12 months, you will need to re-apply online or in the office of Recruitment & Admissions in order to be re-admitted to the college before proceeding to the Bursar office and Advising for enrollment.


Q. Is this offer applicable for cumulative balances with OCCC, or just for my Spring 2017 accrued balance?

A. The offer is valid for any student who has a cumulative balance less than $1,500.


Q. What if I have a balance over $1,500 for the Spring 2017 semester after the last payment due date of May 5, 2017?

A. You will be withdrawn from any classes for the 2017 Summer and Fall classes in which you previously enrolled until the balance is brought below $1500. Once you have brought your balance under $1,500, you will be able to re-enroll in classes by visiting in-person with an advisor in Academic Advising.


Q. Is this for tuition only, or are fees included?

A. This offer is for the total balance owed for all semesters including tuition, fees, finance and late charges.


Q. If I enroll in Summer or Fall classes in 2017, will it stop my old balance that is under $1,500.00 from being placed with a collection agency, being reported to the credit bureau, or being subject to the Oklahoma Tax Commission Intercept Program?

A. No, your past-due balances will still be subject to all collection efforts and credit bureau reporting.


Q. What about my financial aid?

A. This opportunity has no effect on your financial aid.


Q. I'm a Federal Work Study Student. Can I take advantage of this offer?

A. Yes.


Q. I'm an International Student. Can I take advantage of this offer?

A. Yes.

Q. Is this offer applicable to out-of-state tuition?

A. Yes.


Q. I owe more than $1,500, but I am awaiting a scholarship or other financial aid to be applied to my account. Can I exclude this amount of money from my total balance to take advantage of this enrollment offer?

A. You will not be able to enroll until enough funds are received to bring your total balance under $1,500.


Q. Can I use this opportunity to enroll for both the Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 semesters?

A. Yes, this opportunity is for enrollment in both the Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 semesters.


Q. When do I have to repay the past-due balance and the new Fall 2017 balance?

A. You are required to have your total balance for all semesters paid by December 5, 2017.


Q. Will I be withdrawn from my classes for nonpayment?

A. OCCC does not withdraw students from the current term for non-payment, but may withdraw you from any future semesters if you have not paid your account in full by December 5, 2017.


Q. Can I do late enrollment if I have a carryover balance?

A. Yes, you may enroll within any of the published enrollment deadlines for Summer 2017 and Fall 2017. Please visit for this date information.


Q. Will I be billed for my carryover balance if I withdraw from my Summer 2017 and/or Fall 2017 classes before the drop-with-refund dates?

A. You will continue to be responsible for all balances owed to OCCC. You will not receive billing notices for any past semesters once they have ended. It is your responsibility to check your account balance regularly through your MyOCCC student portal.


Q. Is this offer also applicable to transcript requests?

A. No. Your hold will remain on your account preventing an official transcript from being processed until your account has a zero balance for all past-due semesters.


Q. Can I also enroll in Spring 2018 with a carryover balance from Fall 2017?

A. No. Currently, this offer is only applicable to enrollment in Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 classes.


Q. What is the phone number for the Bursar?

A. Please contact the office of the Bursar at 405-682-7825. You can visit their webpage at


Q. What is the phone number for Academic Advising?

A. Please contact Mr. Kyle Gardner, Assistant Director of Academic Advising, at 405-682-7535 or via email at You can visit their webpage at