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Diversified Studies

The Diversified Studies Program serves students with career goals in areas that may require a baccalaureate or professional degree not directly supported by a related associate degree at OCCC. Students with previously earned college credit not applied to existing programs also find the Diversified Studies a favorable way to earn an associate's degree. Because of the diversity of coursework to be completed, a student must have a Diversified Studies Degree Plan, which is a signed contract, on file in the Registrar's Office. A student should meet with either a faculty advisor or a counselor in Advising and Career Services to complete the appropriate forms. If a student does not have a faculty advisor, he or she should request one and contact that advisor who will guide the student through the process of completing the degree. With signed approval by the student's counselor and/or advisor and the Director of Multi-Divisional Programs, the Diversified Studies degree program may be modified to meet a student's needs. A Diversified Studies degree may be earned as either an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, the choice to be determined based on specific course work listed in the degree plan. A student may apply for graduation any time after he/she has earned 45 hours and will be notified of any deficiencies or revisions that must be addressed prior to graduation. The program includes degree requirements generally completed in the first two years of a baccalaureate degree curriculum; however, students should consult the catalog of their chosen transfer colleges for specific requirements.

Diversified Studies Degree Program


The growing recognition of the importance of quality of life issues in Oklahoma City’s economic development has generated a greater appreciation for the importance of the arts and humanities. The creative aspect of higher education offered by the Division of Arts and Humanities advances the entire curriculum at OCCC. This division offers opportunities for participation in choirs, private music lessons, plays, art shows, writing contests, literary magazine publication, the College newspaper The Pioneer, film projects, as well as other special activities related to the courses and programs listed on this page and throughout the catalog.


Students who study general humanities learn about the ideals and interests of humankind. They probe the cultural history of western civilization and discuss significant developments from classical, medieval and modern times. Associate degrees in Humanities give students the academic background needed to continue their education at a four-year college or university. Once they graduate, students can pursue career opportunities in teaching, writing, visual arts, the ministry, law, theatre and film. Emphases in literature and philosophy are also available.

Humanities Degree Program

L iberal Studies

Liberal Studies provides a student with the means to explore a variety of interests in diverse academic disciplines and develop his or her academic and career goals in the process. If a student desires a broad foundation with an interdisciplinary approach, Liberal Studies is not only an excellent preparation for transferring to many university programs but also focuses on developing effective communication skills, writing, problem solving, civic responsibility, and critical thinking. The aforementioned skills help to develop independent thinking, the ability to adapt to the demands and changes that occur in society and the workplace, and an appreciation of the arts and sciences that will last a lifetime. Students should identify a faculty advisor to help them choose appropriate coursework. Note that students must earn a C or better in all coursework in the Major Courses. For more information, contact a faculty person or the Advising and Career Services Office.

Liberal Studies Degree Program


The Pre-Education Degree at Oklahoma City Community College is designed for students who plan to transfer to a teacher education degree program at a four-year college or university. Students whose goals include teaching in the fields of Early Childhood, Elementary Education, or Special Education should complete this degree. This degree is NOT appropriate for those students planning to teach at the Secondary Level. It is highly recommended that students seek academic guidance from a faculty advisor and/or a counselor in the Advising and Career Services Office. The Curriculum Listing and Suggested Course Sequences are provided in the College Catalog for OU, UCO, and USAO, since those are where most OCCC students transfer. Other institutions may require slightly different courses in preparation for teacher education. Students completing this degree must meet other entrance requirements at their choice of transfer institution.

  Pre-Education Degree Program