Epithelial Tissue

Made of sheets of cells that cover body surfaces and form many organs. Cells are very closely packed together.

Found in the outer layer of the skin lining body cavities, lining of digestive and respiratory system, lining inside of blood vessels and the heart.

Functions to protect, absorb, secrete, and filter.

 Cuboidal Epithelium Columnar Epithelium Squamous Epithelium

Muscle Tissue

Made of elongated cells

Found in muscles, heart and glands that contract

Functions to produce movement.

Skeletal Muscle Tissue Cardiac Muscle Tissue Smooth Muscle Tissue

Connective Tissue

Cells are separated by a nonliving matrix.

Found throughout the body.

Functions to bind structures together, support, protect, cushion and fill spaces.

Hyaline Cartliage Elastic Cartilage Bone
Adipose Areolar Blood

Nervous Tissue

Composed of cells with numerous filamentous branches.

Found in the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Functions to send nerve impulses to regulate the body.

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