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Writing -- A Natural Human Expression?
[ Monday, August 12, 2013 8:00 AM | Any Comments?]

    Because writing seems to hard
   and diffiult for many students today,
   usually they don't stop to consider
   that writing really is a natural
   human expression that goes back
   to the earliest human beings.  For
   example, on caves we have found
   drawings by people who lived
   much different types of lives than
   we do today, as well as more
   recent drawings on tipis made
   and other items made by
   numerous Native American tribes.

    An Ancient Example
         There are many people who
   usually don't equate drawings or
   pictures as a form of writing, but it
  is.  The most ancient languages all began as some form of picture writing.  For example, the first letter of Paleo-Hebrew, which was derived from the ancient Phoenicians was a picture form of writing.  The first letter of their alphabet, the aleph, means "ox head" and was the picture of an ox's head.  And since it was the first letter, it carried the meaning of "a leader" as well as "strength."  The second letter of their alphabet, the letter beyt, means "house," and since the people were nomadic, the picture was of the layout of a tent.  Interestingly, when you put these two letters together, you get the word "father," who is "the strength or leader of the house."

A Natural Human Expression
        Writing is also a very natural form of human expression.  For example, give two-year-old children each a piece of paper and a crayon and they will go to town coloring the piece of paper with all kinds of scribbles and lines.  Once they have finished, ask them what they drew, and they will spend several minutes telling you all that they see within the drawing.   To us, it may be lines and scribbles, but to them, there are concepts and ideas being communicated in what they had done.   And for them, it not only took effort to do, but it was an opportunity for them to share their views and ideas with someone else. 

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