Employment Opportunities


Adult Education Instructor or ESL Instructor

The Instructor will assist adults in acquiring and developing literacy and numeracy skills; acquiring the necessary academic prerequisites to access further post-secondary education and skill training opportunities, or employment and workplace training opportunities; increasing educational levels for purposes of self-improvement; learning and developing living and social skills; and acquiring and developing English language skills.

College for Kids Instructor

The College For Kids Instructor will be responsible for instructing children ranging from grades 1 to 8. The subject matter includes creative arts, social sciences, humanities, science, math, computer applications, and other hands-on learning experiences. The instructor will also be asked to maintain a safe and healthy environment in order for optimum learning.

College for Kids Camp Counselor 

The College for Kids Camp Counselor will assist in the implementation of a variety of activities during the College for Kids summer program.

How to apply:

  1. Go to www.occcjobs.com

  2. Please follow the directions given to create login and username procedures.

  3. Working Title: Adult Education Teacher

  4. Working Title:  ESL Instructor

  5. Working Title: College for Kids Instructor

  6. Working Title: College for Kids Camp Counselor

  7. Department: Community Outreach & Education