COLLEGE FOR KIDS - The OCCC College for Kids (grades 1 - 8) are academic enrichment programs for young students who have high academic potential, an interest in the subject matter and motivation or talent.  College for Kids is a summer program, with programs being offered in science, creative arts, math, computer applications, humanities, and social sciences. Please call 405-686-6222 for more information about College for Kids.

 College for Kids                                College for Kids



EARLY ENROLLMENT  - Receive a 10% discount for all enrollments in the month of April


REGULAR ENROLLMENT - Regular fees will be applied throughout the month of May


LATE ENROLLMENT - Additional $10 fee will be assessed throughout June and July


Online Enrollment Instructions
Program Fees

All College for Kids classes are $39 unless otherwise specified (supply fees are included).  Students that enroll in all-day classes will receive a discounted rate of $99.  You may enroll your child at the Family and Community Education Center (located at 6500 S. Land Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73159) with cash, check, or credit card.  All enrollments are due by the Thursday prior to the Monday start date of that class.  Please have your child's schedule planned with possible alternatives in case some classes are full.  Payment is required at the time of enrollment.  Parental permission forms are to be completed and submitted prior to the first day of classes.


Before Care / Aftercare Policy

Before Care: Students are to be checked in and out each day by their parent/guardian or designated emergency contact (with proper identification) inside the Family and Community Education Center (located at 6500 S. Land Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73159) no earlier than 7:30 am. Students arriving between 7:30am and 8:45am will need to enroll in the before care program ($10 per week).     

 Aftercare: Students are to be picked up in the Family and Community Education Center by 5:30p. If your child is not picked up by 5:30pm staff will contact parents and those listed on the child’s Emergency Contact form. If your child is not picked up within 30 minutes staff will contact OCCC Safety and Security. For children enrolled in individual classes, pick up must occur within 15 minutes of the students last scheduled class. Students being picked up later than 4:15pm will need to enroll in the aftercare program ($10 per week). Parents that do not pick their student(s) up within these guidelines will be assessed a $10 fee.

  Note: Before Care and After Care fees are assigned per student (not per family).


Refund / Transfer Policy

Refunds: Refund requests require a $10 processing fee that may be taken from your refunded amount.. Refund requests must be made by the Thursday prior to the Monday start date of the class being dropped. Refunds cannot be made for non-attendance. If OCCC must cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment or any other reason, you will be notified immediately and your student will be transferred to an available class or complete refund will be provided based on your preference (at no cost). OCCC reserves the right to cancel, combine, or divide classes; to change the time or date; or to make other revisions which may become necessary and to do so without incurring obligations.

 Transfer Requests: Parents wishing to switch classes will be assessed a $10 administration fee. Transferring classes involves extensive administrative and accounting procedures.