Clinical Research Program

The Clinical Research Program trains students to work together with Physicians, Research Nurses, and Clinical Research Coordinators as a group to perform studies involving human research participants. The duties of a program graduate will vary widely depending on the employer and can include tasks such as recruiting participants for a clinical research project, obtaining informed consent and apprising participants of their federally mandated rights, collecting participant data over a period of time, data entry to managing clinical research projects. The focus of these clinical research projects are as varied, ranging from clinical trials for new chemotherapy drugs, lupus medications, rheumatoid arthritis treatments, differing modes of diabetes treatments, testing medical devices such as ventricular heart valves, and testing new materials for wound healing.

Oklahoma City Community College is one of only a few institutions in the nation offering training in clinical research. This new, innovative Clinical Research Program will equip students with a well rounded skill set through theoretical knowledge from course work and on-site participation in clinical research with summer internships. OCCC is proud to partner with outstanding clinical research groups both in the academic setting and private industry across the state to provide these summer internships.

 Program Degree and Certificate

Associate in Applied Science in Clinical Research
Six semesters including summer internships

Certificate of Mastery
Focuses on core set of courses in the Clinical Research Program. Primarily for individuals with a 4 years degree or currently working in the medical field.

  • Beginning salary with 2 year degree $24,500 - $30,000
  • Associate degree is entry level in a career field that allows an individual to climb to the top of a career ladder with increasing education and/or work experience
  • Clinical Research jobs are available both nationally and internationally.
  • Further education, a Bachelor Degree, may be obtained in a variety of fields such as Psychology, Sociology, Biology, or Business.
  • Courses will be offered online