Frequently Asked Questions

What job will I be able to do when I complete the program?

Individuals who complete the program will receive an industry recognized certificate to be qualified to work as an entry level Service Technician.

How do I get started and find out if I am eligible?

Are you registered on OK Job Match? If not, please go to and register. If you qualify to receive services under WIOA, (Workforce Investment Opportunity Act), or TAA, (Trade Adjustment Assistance), you are most likely eligible. Your information will be reviewed to verify your eligibility.

We can also send you an intake application if you decide to apply.

After we receive your information we will contact you to provide you with more details for next steps.

What are the hours of the training?

6 - 9 p.m., Tuesday - Thursday

Can I do this if I have a disability?

It will depend on your limitations. There are some physical requirements, including but not limited to the ability to lift 50-75 pounds on a regular basis. We can provide you with a general list of typical demands of the job for you to determine if this is something you can do.

Can I do this if I am a woman?

Anyone who believes they can meet the demands of the program and work requirements is encouraged to enroll. There are some physical requirements that include lifting up to 75 pounds of equipment or tools on a regular basis.

Do you help find jobs after the program is finished?

While we do not guarantee employment after completion of the class, we have relationships with various employers around the state and work with them to try to place program participants in positions that might be available. There might also be the option of participating in On-the Job Training (OJT). 

Can you help find positions for people with a felony history?

We have some employers who will hire some with felonies, however it depends on the offense and how long ago it was. This is evaluated on a case by case basis since there are some establishments that have restrictions on who can work on their properties. If there is some question regarding this, we encourage you to give us a call, to provide an answer that is more specific.

What does “basic skills deficient” mean?

That is based on the results of a reading and math test that is given to be sure you can meet the academic requirements of the course. If someone scores lower in any of those areas, we have some programs to help strengthen those skills in order to help you succeed in the program.

What if I am not ready to start by the date of the first class? When does the next session begin?

The curriculum has been developed in a modular format that allows for multiple entry points. A student may enter at the beginning of any module as long as they subsequently complete all modules.

What kind of credential will I have once I complete the program?

Once the program is completed you will have earned an industry recognized certificate that will show that you have the necessary skills to perform basic repair and maintenance. You will also receive the OSHA 30 General Industry Certification, if you opted to take this additional module. 

Will I earn college credit for participating in the CFEST program?

Not at this time. However, some of our curriculum is under review for accreditation. You will complete the program with an industry recognized certificate and be ready and marketable to go to work in the industry. There are career pathways that we can discuss with you that can lead to enrollment at the college for a degree and/or other areas for career advancement.