Division of Arts, English and Humanities

Division of Arts, English, and Humanities

Kim Jameson, Acting Dean of Arts, English, and Humanities
April Mitchell, Division Assistant
M. Rochelle Mosby , Division Assistant

The growing recognition of the importance of quality of life issues in Oklahoma City's economic development has generated a greater appreciation for the importance of the arts and humanities. The creative aspect of higher education offered by the Division of Arts, English, and Humanities advances the entire curriculum at OCCC. This division offers opportunities for participation in choirs, private music lessons, plays, art shows, writing contests, literary magazine publication, the College newspaper The Pioneer, film projects, as well as other special activities related to the courses and programs listed on this page and throughout the catalog.

The Division of Arts, English, and Humanities supports the student in creative, artistic, and academic endeavors while providing opportunities for academic and personal development in reading and writing skills, civic responsibility, and critical thinking.

Humanities courses have defined and influenced past and contemporary culture through storytelling, writing, art, architecture, music, film, philosophy and other expressive genres. Every career includes a deeper insight into the well-being of the individual and culture and participates in issues related to civic responsibilities, health and quality-of-life-issues, economic development, and social institutions.

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