Computer-Aided Technology - Unmanned Vehicle Systems (Certificate)
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Computer-Aided Technology - Unmanned Vehicle System (Certificate)*

Certificate of Mastery

Minimum of 18 credit hours

The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Certificate will equip students with the skillset required to operate aerial vehicles (Drones) along with other types of unmanned vehicles.  Students will receive hands-on experience in the classroom and in the field.   Students will learn how to fly safely in the National Airspace while abiding by current regulations. The potential commercial uses of unmanned aerial vehicles is endless, to include aerial photography and video, search and rescue, disaster response, digital mapping, photogrammetry, remote sensing and many others.  

*Certificate pending OSRHE approval.

  • Course Sequence
    Course ID Course name Credits Type Min Gd
    Suggested Freshman 1st Semester
    CAT 1113 Unmanned Vehicle Systems 3 Major  
    CAT 1133 Airspace and Regulations 3 Major  
    cat-uas-supp-elec  3 Support  
    Suggested Freshman 2nd Semester
    CAT 1123 UVS Operations 3 Major  
    cat-uas-supp-elec  6 Support  
  • Course Grouping

    Major Courses: (18 credit hours)

    Computer-Aided Technology: CAT 1113, CAT 1123, CAT 1133

    Electives: (9 credit hours)

    Any CAT, CS, DCP  or ENGR course, Any courses from DMD list: DMD 1153, DMD 2143, DMD 2153, DMD 2163, DMD 2253, DMD 2533. DMD 2633, DMD 2733, DMD 2783. Other courses may be approved by the Program Faculty. 

    General Education Courses: None

    Life Skills Courses: None

    Support Courses: None

  • Program Notes

    Notes: A Certificate of Mastery program is designed to meet the needs of an individual who wants to enter the job market following the completion of the certificate.

  • Course Descriptions

    Computer-Aided Technology

    CAT 1113 - Unmanned Vehicle Systems
    Prerequisites: Math 0103 or adequate math placement test score; ENGL 0203, adequate placement score, or by meeting determined placement measure

    Students will be introduced to the history, missions, capabilities, types, configurations, subsystems, and the disciplines needed for UVS development and operation.

    CAT 1123 - UVS Operations
    Prerequisites: CAT 1113

    Students will demonstrate the proper way to operate Unmanned Vehicle Systems. This includes pre-mission check list, missing planning and logging, safety/liability consideration and emergency procedures. Students will be working in the field and in the classroom conducting simulated and real life missions.

    CAT 1133 - Airspace and Regulations
    Prerequisites: Math 0203 or adequate math placement test score; ENGL 0203, adequate placement score, or by meeting determined placement measures

    The course will examine the components and objectives of the National Airspace System. Emphasis will be placed on regulations pertaining to UAS flight operations.

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