PHYS 1014


PHYS 1014

Physical Science
Prerequisites: ENGL 0203, adequate placement score, or by meeting determined placement measures and Math 0203 or adequate math placement test score.
4 Credits

Students will develop an appreciation for concepts, methods, and applications of the natural sciences in their everyday lives. Students will be able to demonstrate their familiarity with some of the basic principles of chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, and other physical sciences by (1) indicating how disciplines can work together in the solution of common problems (2) utilizing physical science methods in their daily lives, describing physical phenomena and predicting the results of common occurrences, and (3) demonstrating the ability to utilize scientific methodologies in a laboratory setting.

As part of the coursework, you may have the potential of being, to some degree, exposed to hazardous material. If you are pregnant, wear contact lenses or have other specific health concerns, you should consult your personal physician for advisement concerning your enrollment in the course.

General Education requirement