Course: PTA 2021  Clinical Prep II

Subject: Physical Therapist Assistant

Prerequisites: PTA 1312; Corequisites: PTA 1202, PTA 2024, PTA 2113

Credits: 1

Description: The student will continue to explore and appreciate the complexities associated with contemporary physical therapy practice, as well as, the health care system. The student will accurately illustrate the role and responsibilities of the PTA in all physical therapy settings. The student will describe/discuss pertinent regulatory and legislative policies affecting access to and the delivery of physical therapy across all settings. During simulated opportunities, the student will portray effective communication, teaching, and documentation strategies with various patient populations/cultures and health care team members in any physical therapy setting. The student will investigate ethical, socioeconomic and resource challenges common to current physical therapy practice using a variety of patient scenarios. The student will practice participating in identifying and securing appropriate equipment requirements and advocating for patient/client needs to vendor/payors. This comprehensive course will require the student to demonstrate competency and provide adequate rationale for each psychomotor component of all prerequisite coursework including: tests and measures, interventions, and documentation, as well as, application (via demonstration, verbal and/or writing) of safe and effective communication and clinical decision-making for any patient/client as directed by the physical therapist of record and evidenced by successful completion of a comprehensive skill evaluation prior to entering PTA 2034, Practicum I.