Course: EMS 2274  EMS Leadership

Subject: Emergency Medical Sciences

Prerequisites: EMS 2064 Paramedic Care VI, Co-requisite: EMS 2284 Paramedic Practicum

Credits: 4

Description: EMS Leadership is the capstone course integrating all didactic knowledge, psychomotor skills, affective behavior and clinical instruction throughout the program to demonstrate entry level paramedic competency and apply clinical decision making. The student will be expected to accept accountability for personal learning and performance which reflects a complex understanding and the ability to apply knowledge and skills in clinical decision making. The course includes EMS Operations in which the student will demonstrate techniques for gaining access to the patient, disentanglement, patient movement, preparation for transport, recognition of situations posing threats to patients, paramedics or bystanders, and describe correct management of these situations. This course includes crew resource management principles, principles of safely operating a ground ambulance, and current required NIMS and Hazardous Materials Awareness training.