Course: EMS 1314  Paramedic Care I, Introduction to Paramedicine

Subject: Emergency Medical Sciences

Prerequisites: EMS 1019; or National Registry of EMT certification (EMT, AEMT or EMT-I); Pre or Corequisite; BIO 1314 Human Anatomy and Physiology I.

Credits: 4

Description: Paramedic Care I introduces the student to basic EMS knowledge, life span development, an advanced level patient assessment, clinical reasoning, and the components of safe quality care. The student will be expected to accept accountability for personal learning and performance which reflects a fundamental understanding of EMS history and a complex understanding of EMS systems, roles, responsibilities, professionalism of EMS personnel, of quality improvement, patient, public and workforce safety, workforce wellness, documentation, communication, patient assessment, and research principles including ethics, legalities, and standards of paramedic practice. Includes Laboratory and Clinical Shifts.