Course: BIO 1124  General Biology I (Majors)

Subject: Biological Science

Prerequisites: ENGL 0203 or adequate placement score or by meeting determined placement measures; MATH 0403 or adequate math placement test score.

Credits: 4

Description: An introductory course required for all biological science majors and pre-health profession students. The fundamental principles of biology are described using a cellular approach. Students gain knowledge regarding the chemical basis of life, structural characteristics of cells to include a discussion of energetics, metabolism and genetics. Evolution and ecology are also discussed in order to provide an understanding of both the diversity of living organisms and the living world. Students recognize, discuss and correctly apply fundamental biological principles influencing their personal relationship with other life forms. A discussion of the scientific method, logical (deductive) reasoning, hypothesis testing and some common fallacies and misconceptions that cloud scientific explanations of the natural world are included. Laboratory work, an integral and required part of the course, will enhance the student’s understanding of fundamental biological concepts as well as scientific procedures, laboratory technical skills, dissection and statistical analysis.