Course: ANES 1134  Instrumentation I

Subject: Anesthesia Technology

Prerequisites: ANES 1112 and ANES 1124; Co-requisites: ANES 1143; ANES 1155; and POLSC 1113.

Credits: 4

Description: This course focuses on the equipment and instrumentation utilized in providing anesthesia. Topics to be covered include the anesthesia machine, airway equipment and basic set-up. In addition, ancillary equipment including but not limited to gas cylinders, hospital gas supply lines, ventilators, absorbers, and pulse oximetry will be covered. Set- up, calibration, operation, basic troubleshooting, maintenance, and safety checks will be examined. Didactic and laboratory instruction are provided to prepare the student with cognitive, psychomotor, and affective learning related to anesthesia technology basic instrumentation.