Student Conduct

Student Conduct

Student Conduct and Discipline

The College is committed to providing an environment where people can study and learn. To maintain such an environment, procedures have been developed to protect the rights, health, and safety of students, staff and faculty. Information on the Student Conduct Code and the Student Disciplinary Procedures is available in the Student Handbook and through staff in the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services.

Student Grievance Procedures

If a student believes that an action has been taken against him or her by a member of the College staff that misrepresents a College policy or a College procedure and/or violates the student’s rights to education, the student can request that the action be reviewed through the Student Grievance Procedures.

Any student who has a complaint of this nature should consult the College Policy 5035. The first step of the process involves speaking with the faculty or staff person involved in an attempt to informally resolve the situation. If the matter is not resolved at that level, the second step includes making an appointment to speak to the faculty or staff person’s supervisor. If further assistance is needed, please make an appointment to speak to the the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services. Efforts to resolve the concern should be done quickly because of deadlines specified in the procedure.

Students who have a concern regarding access to facilities, programs, and services at Oklahoma City Community College because of a disability may call (405) 682-7520 (V/TTY) or go to Student Support Services Office.