Computer Proficiency Requirement

Computer Proficiency Requirement

Oklahoma City Community College recognizes that many business, industrial, educational, and personal activities involve the use of computers. Therefore, all Oklahoma City Community College associate degree graduates will demonstrate competency in the use of a computer to perform one or more of the following functions:

  • word processing
  • spreadsheet use
  • database management
  • multimedia/graphic design
  • programming

A student may satisfy the computer proficiency requirement by:

a. completing the course “Introduction to Computers and Applications” or any other course which requires competency in one or more of the above functions (a list of applicable courses appears below);
b. validation of computer-related academic or work experience; or
c. successful completion of a computer proficiency assessment.

Courses which satisfy the computer proficiency requirement

Any online course or web enhanced course:

ACCT 2213 Accounting in Quickbooks
APPM 1313 Mathematics for Health Careers
ART 1183 Computer Drawing: Illustrator
ART 1363 Multimedia
ART 2533 3D Rendering and Design Visualization
ART 2573 Digital Painting
ART 2633 3D Animation and Special Effects
AT 1000 Special Topics
AT 1013 Automotive Student Success Initiative
AT 1153 Basic Automotive Fundamentals
AT 1204 A.S.E. Engine Performance
AT 1214 A.S.E. Engine Repair
AT 1224 A.S.E. Suspension and Steering
AT 1244 A.S.E. Brakes
AT 1304 GM Engine Repair
AT 1314 GM Electrical Systems
AT 1324 GM Engine Performance
AT 1334 GM Brakes
AT 1422 GM New Products I
AT 1612 A.S.E. Engine Performance
AT 1622 A.S.E. Engine Repair
AT 1632 A.S.E. Suspension and Steering
AT 1642 A.S.E. Brakes
AT 1652 A.S.E. Automotive Electives I
AT 1733 Body and Electrical Service
AT 1753 Under Vehicle Service
AT 1773 Powertrain Service
AT 2001 Career Experience
AT 2101 A.S.E. Certification
AT 2204 A.S.E. Manual Drive Trains
AT 2214 A.S.E. Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles
AT 2224 A.S.E. Electrical Systems
AT 2234 A.S.E. Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
AT 2304 GM Suspension and Steering
AT 2314 GM Manual Drive Trains
AT 2324 GM Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
AT 2334 GM Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
AT 2422 GM New Products II
AT 2612 A.S.E. Manual Drive Trains
AT 2622 A.S.E. Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles
AT 2632 A.S.E. Electrical Systems
AT 2642 A.S.E. Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
AT 2652 A.S.E. Automotive Electives II
BUS 1113 Computer Keyboarding
BUS 1713 Beginning Word Processing
BUS 2033 Business Communication
BUS 2323 Legal Terminology and Transcription
BUS 2363 Intermediate Word Processing
BUS 2433 Office Information Processing
BUS 2463 Applied Graphics for Business
BUS 2473 Business Spreadsheet Applications
CAT 1214 Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
CAT 1253 Parametric Modeling
CAT 1413 CAD Hardware and Software
CAT 1513 Digital Imaging
CAT 2113 CAD Management and Standards
CAT 2163 CAD Programming and Automation
CAT 2540 Applications in CAD
CAT 2924 Design Project
CS 1103 Introduction to Computers and Applications
CS 1143 Beginning Programming
CS 1153 Introduction to Computing Technologies
CS 1333 Database Management Applications
CS 1343 Spreadsheet Application
CS 1353 Computer Operating Systems
CS 1363 Digital Media Development
CS 2113 Computer-Based Information Systems
CS 2123 Assembly
CS 2143 Digital Video Editing
CS 2153 Supporting Windows Operating Systems
CS 2163 Java
CS 2173 Oracle
CS 2183 Linux
CS 2193 Supporting Desktop Applications
CS 2223 Systems Analysis and Design
CS 2303 Networking Technologies
CS 2363 C++
CS 2403 Computer Support Services
CS 2413 Web Site Development
CS 2433 Digital Media Scripting
CS 2443 SQL Server
CS 2453 Visual Basic
CS 2463 Advanced Java
CS 2503 Network Administration
CS 2513 Client-Side Programming
CS 2553 Advanced Visual Basic
CS 2563 C#
CS 2573 Oracle Database Administration
CS 2610 Internship
CS 2623 Server-Side Programming
CS 2703 Introduction to Cyber/Information Security
CS 2713 Principles of Information Security
CS 2723 Secure Electronic Commerce
CS 2743 Enterprise Security Management
CS 2753 Information System Assurance
CS 2763 Network Security
CS 2773 Secure System Administration and Certification
CS 2783 Cyber Forensics
DMD 1223 Game Development and Design Concepts
DMD 2223 Game Level Design
DMD 2533 3D Rendering and Design Visualization
DMD 2633 3D Animation and Special Effects
ENGR 1213 Engineering Graphics & Design
ENGR 2103 Interactive Engineering Design Graphics
ENGL 0106 College Preparation English I (when listed in the Class Schedule as a “Computer-Assisted Writing” offering)
ENGL 0203 College Preparation English II (when listed in the Class Schedule as a “Computer-Assisted Writing” offering)
ENGL 1113 English Composition I (when listed in the class schedule as a “Computer-Assisted Writing” offering)
ENGL 1213 English Composition II (when listed in the class schedule as a “Computer-Assisted Writing” offering)
ENGL 1233 Technical Wrting for the Workplace
ENGL 2003 Creative Writing (when listed in the class schedule as a “Computer-Assisted Writing” offering)
DMD 1053 Electronic Publishing: InDesign I
DMD 1133 Introduction to Macintosh
DMD 1153 Digital Photography
DMD 1183 Computer Drawing: Illustrator
DMD 2053 Electronic Publishing: InDesign II
DMD 2323 Publication Design
DMD 2353 Applied Graphic Design
DMD 2773 Image Editing: Photoshop I
DMD 2783 Image Editing: Photoshop II
HIST 2303 Historical Research, Methods, and Writing
HIST 2353 World History: Latin America
JB 1133 News Writing
MATH 1503 Contemporary Mathematics
MATH 2104 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
MATH 2214 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
MATH 2314 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
NUR 1519 Nursing Process I
NUR 1524 Nursing Processing-Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family
NUR 1525- Nursing Process II-Medical Surgical Nursing II
NUR 2534 Nursing Process III- Mental Health Nursing
NUR 2535 Nursing Process III- Medical Surgical Nursing III
NUR 2549 Nursing Process IV
PTA 1213 Pain Management and Massage
PTA 2113 PTA Systems/Problems