Life Skills Requirement

Life Skills Requirement

Success in College and Life Course SCL-1001

Students must take a minimum of one credit of Life Skills as part of their degree programs. The primary course to fulfill this requirement is the one-credit Success in College and Life course: SCL-1001. Students may take SCL-1003, the three-hour Success in College and Life course, in place of SCL-1001.  The three credit course will satisfy the Life Skills requirement in the same manner the one credit course does.

Students will learn best practices for academic, career, and personal success.  Students will discover their individual strengths, interests, and values to create a personalized plan; select and utilize resources that are applicable to their growth and success; and engage as active and responsible members of the academic community.

Students who transfer in nine hours or more of recent (within the past 2 years), successful (2.0 average) college credit, received post high school, must still fulfill the Life Skills requirement; however, they may elect to substitute one of the following courses to meet the Life Skills requirement:

BIO 1023 Introductory Nutrition

CD 1211 Parenting

FIN 1013 Personal Finance

LEIS 1602 Total Wellness

LIS 1111 Research Skills

PSY 1103 Human Relations

PSY 1123 Stress Management

Any transfer course substitutions not listed above, but that may qualify as a life skills course, must be approved by the Director of Academic Advising or their designee or the Professor of Student Success.

** Wellness Courses: Volleyball, Basketball, Weight Training, Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries-These Wellness courses cannot be used for the first 60 credits of a student’s degree requirements.