Institutional Assessment of General Education Outc

Institutional Assessment of General Education Outcomes

The four areas that constitute the General Education Core are assessed by dividing them into five measurable outcomes:

  • Human Heritage, Culture, and Institutions (from Human Heritage, Culture, Values, and Beliefs and Social, Political, and Economic Institutions)
  • Writing (from Communication and Symbols)
  • Public Speaking (from Communication and Symbols)
  • Mathematical Methods (from Communication and Symbols)
  • Critical Thinking (from Relationships in Nature and Science, but is applicable to all four of the core areas)
The assessment is accomplished by collecting artifacts from existing course assignments/tests and evaluating them from the point of view of the particular General Education competency (as opposed to specific course content). The evaluation is performed by faculty-based committees and the process does not impinge on student grades or privacy. The results are reported to the Board of Regents each fall, as well as being posted on the college website.