Associate in Arts and Associate in Science Degrees

General Education Requirements (for the AA and AS degrees)

The number following the course designates which general education area is being achieved with that course: 
  • I. Human Heritage, Culture, Values and Beliefs
  • II. Communication and Symbols
  • III. Social, Political, and Economic Institutions
  • IV. Relationships in Nature and Science
English Composition 6 hours 
ENGL 1103 Multicultural English Composition I  II
or ENGL 1113 English Composition I II 
and ENGL 1203: Multicultural English Composition II
or ENGL 1213 Composition II
American History 3 hours 
HIST 1483 U.S. History to the Civil War or  I
HIST 1493 U.S. History Since the Civil War
US Government 3 hours 
POLSC 1113 American Federal Government III 
Science (One course must be a laboratory science) 7 hours 
Biological 3-4 hours and Physical Science 3-4 hours  
(Chosen from the following)  
ASTR 1504 General Astronomy IV
ASTR 1514 General Astronomy w/Lab IV 
BIO 1023 Introduction to Nutrition IV 
BIO 1113 General Biology IV 
BIO 1114 General Biology IV 
BIO 1124 General Biology I (Majors) IV 
BIO 1134 General Biology II (Majors) IV 
BIO 1204 History of Life on Earth IV 
BIO 2114 General Botany IV 
BIO 2125 Microbiology IV 
BIO 2215 General Zoology IV 
BIO 2343 Genetics and Man IV 
BIO 2403 Ecology and Environmental Issues IV 
BIO 2404 Ecology and Environmental Issues IV 
CHEM 1103 Chemistry Around Us IV 
CHEM 1115 General Chemistry I IV
CHEM 1123 Survey of General, Organic, and Biochemistry IV 
CHEM 1131 Laboratory for Survey of General, Organic, and Biochemistry IV 
CHEM 1215 General Chemistry II IV
GEOL 1063 Earth Science IV 
GEOL 1064 Earth Science IV 
GEOL 1114 General Geology IV 
PHYS 1013 Physical Science IV 
PHYS 1014 Physical Science IV 
PHYS 1034 General Geology IV 
PHYS 1063 Earth Science IV 
PHYS 1064 Earth Science IV 
PHYS 1114 College Physics I IV 
PHYS 1214 College Physics II IV 
PHYS 1504 General Astronomy IV
PHYS 1514 General Astronomy w/Lab IV
PHYS 2014 Engineering Physics I IV 
PHYS 2114 Engineering Physics II IV 
Humanities 6 hours 
(Chosen from the following)  
ART 1013 Art History Survey I 
ART 1023 Art History Survey II  I
ART 1053 Art Appreciation 
ENGL 2110 Readings  II 
ENGL 2123 Introduction to Literature II 
ENGL 2133 Introduction to Poetry II 
ENGL 2343 The Short Story II 
ENGL 2353 Native American Literature II 
ENGL 2413 Women in Literature II 
ENGL 2423 Survey of World Literature I II 
ENGL 2433 Survey of World Literature II II 
ENGL 2543 Survey of English Literature I II 
ENGL 2653 Survey of English Literature II II
ENGL 2773 Survey of American Literature I II 
ENGL 2883 Survey of American Literature II II 
GEOG 2603 World Regional Geography
HIST 1000 Special Topics in History
HIST 1613 Early Western Civilization
HIST 1623 Modern Western Civilization
HIST 1713 Survey of World Civilizations to 1600 C.E. I
HIST 1723 Survey of World Civilizations Since 1600 C.E.
HIST 2000 Special Topics in History I
HIST 2013 History of Russia
HIST 2103 Oklahoma History
HIST 2203 The American Indian
HIST 2213 Great American Biographies
HUM 1113 Music Appreciation
HUM 2000 Humanistic Studies
HUM 2103 Music Masterpieces
HUM 2120 Museum Studies
HUM 2133 Comparative Religions
HUM 2143 Mythology
HUM 2153 Introduction to Eastern Thought I
HUM 2213 Humanities-Classical and Medieval
HUM 2223 Humanities-Modern
HUM 2243 Film Studies I
HUM 2253 Documentary Films
HUM 2263 American Cinema
HUM 2293 Folklore
HUM 2353 History of Science I
HUM 2373 Introduction to World Music
HUM 2423 Advocates of Peace
MU 2123 Music Literature I
MU 2223 Music Literature II
PHIL 1013 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1213 Introduction to Ethics I
PHIL 1123 Critical Thinking
PHIL 1603 Introduction to Logic II 
PHIL 2133 Comparative Religions
PHIL 2223 Philosophy of Religion
TA 1103 Introduction to Theatre
Mathematics 3 hours 
MATH 1503 Contemporary Math II 
MATH 1513 College Algebra for Business, Life Sciences, or Social Sciences II 
MATH 1533 Pre-Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 
MATH 2013 Introduction to Statistics II 
PSY 2123 Behavioral Statistics II 
or any course with a MATH prefix having MATH 1513 or MATH 1533 as a prerequisite  
Additional Requirement 3 hours 
Students will need at least one 3-hour course from the following disciplines: Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Fine Arts (Art, Music, and Theatre), or Modern Languages 
General Education Electives (to meet the minimum total of 37 hours) 
Students will need additional general education electives to meet the minimum total of 37 hours. 
Students need to be aware when choosing general education electives that certain degree programs require specific support courses. 
The additional courses may be chosen from those listed in the History, Science, Humanities, or Mathematics categories (above) or from the list below: 
BUS 2033 Business Communication II 
BUS 2043 Business Ethics
CD 2113 Introduction to Child Development IV 
CD 2213 Child and Family in Society III 
COM 1123 Interpersonal Communications II 
COM 2213 Intro to Public Speaking II 
CS 1103 Introduction to Computers and Applications II 
ECON 1013 Introduction to Economics III 
ECON 2023 Statistics for Business and Economics II
ECON 2123 Principles of Microeconomics III 
ECON 2143 Principles of Macroeconomics III 
ENGL 1133 Critical and Effective Reading  II
ENGL 1233 Technical Writing for the Workplace II 
ENGL 2213 Creative Writing-Fiction II 
ENGL 2223 Creative Writing-Poetry II
FIN 1013 Personal Finance II 
FREN 1115 Elementary French I II 
FREN 1225 Elementary French II II 
FREN 2113 Intermediate French I II 
FREN 2223 Intermediate French II II 
GEOG 1103 Cultural Geography I
GRMN 1115 Elementary German I II 
GRMN 2113 Intermediate German I II 
GRMN 2223 Intermediate German II II 
JB 1013 Introduction to Mass Communication II 
POLSC 1000 Special Topics in Political Science III 
POLSC 2103 Introduction to Public Administration III 
POLSC 2113 Introduction to State and Local Government III 
POLSC 2223 Introduction to Law III 
POLSC 2303 Introduction to International Relations III 
POLSC 2603 Introduction to Comparative Politics III 
POLSC 2613 Scope and Methods of Political Science III 
PSY 1113 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 2113 Introduction to Child Development IV 
PSY 2123 Behavioral Statistics  II 
PSY 2193 Personality Theories
PSY 2213 Child and Family in Society III 
PSY 2403 Developmental Psychology
PSY 2743 Social Psychology
SOC 1113 Introduction to Sociology III 
SOC 1203 Introduction to the Criminal Process III 
SOC 2013 Sociology of the Family III 
SOC 2023 Social Problems III 
SOC 2063 Crime and Delinquency III 
SOC 2143 Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. II 
SOC 2213 Cultural Anthropology III 
SPAN 1013 Conversational Spanish I II 
SPAN 1115 Elementary Spanish I II 
SPAN 1123 Conversational Spanish II II 
SPAN 1225 Elementary Spanish II II 
SPAN 2013 Conversational Spanish III II 
SPAN 2113 Intermediate Spanish I II 
SPAN 2223 Intermediate Spanish II II