Division of Health Professions

Division of Health Professions

Deborah Myers, Dean of Health Professions
Debby Martinez, Division Assistant
Martie Collin, Division Program Support Assistant

The Division of Health Professions at OCCC provides students with a quality education for careers in Emergency Medical Sciences (EMT and Paramedic), Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. These programs have a unique focus on developing allied health professionals with solid entry-level skills. All programs are nationally accredited and pass rates on credentialing exams remain high. Maintaining cooperative relationships with hospitals and health care providers in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area ensures valuable clinical learning opportunities for students. The division continues to work to meet the needs of the community and the state for a skilled workforce in the health professions. 

Courses identified by “C” (or “B”) within a program curriculum pattern must be completed with a grade of “C” or better (“B” or better) by students majoring in that program.

Curriculum Programs

Faculty and Lab Supervisors

Background Checks:

Due to clinical agency requirements, the Division of Health Professions requires an extensive nationwide Background Report which includes, but is not limited to, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) background searches for sex offender, violent offender, and criminal history. The student is responsible for the cost of the Background Report, which must be paid by credit card or money order only. Clinical agency representative(s) review the reports that have any criminal history or hits on the designated areas of concern). The facility alone can accept or deny clinical access to a student. If a student is denied access to clinical sites, he/she will be unable to successfully complete the course or the program. Any break in continuous enrollment will require another complete Background Report.

Drug Testing:

Drug testing is required for all students in the Division of Health Professions. Each student must have a random drug test prior to the first clinical assignment. The fee will be paid with the tuition and other fees for the semester in the program where actual clinical assignments begin. Additional random drug tests may be performed as necessary. Any break in continuous enrollment will require an additional random test. AUAs and LPNs with a positive drug screen results must be reported to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.