Course: PTA 2014  Electrotherapy and Modalities

Subject: Physical Therapist Assistant

Prerequisites: PTA 1013, PTA 1023, PTA 1213, Corequisites: PTA 1112, PTA 1224; BIO 2102, PTA 1151

Credits: 4

Description: The student will learn how to apply therapeutic modalities within a physical therapist’s plan of care, and use knowledge of pain perception to help improve a patient’s functional independence. The student will gain knowledge of application and usage of the following modalities/treatment techniques: electrical stimulation, wound healing techniques (including dressings, topical agents, debridement techniques, universal precautions), respiratory treatments (including different coughing techniques, breathing exercises, and postural drainage/chest PT), and edema management (including compression therapies). Students will be able to use critical thinking to implement modality usage as per the physical therapist’s plan of care, and document patient response and effectiveness of their treatments. The student must demonstrate proficiency/competency in these modalities through testing and oral/practical demonstrations.