Course: EMS 2154  Paramedic Care III B Medical Emergencies

Subject: Emergency Medical Sciences

Prerequisites: Prerequisite: EMS 1115 PC IIA & EMS 1134 PC IIB; EMS 1124 Pharmacology Corequisite: EMS 2161 EMS Fieldwork III

Credits: 4

Description: Paramedic Care IIIB is a study of adult epidemiology, psychosocial impact, pathophysiology, presentation, prognosis and management of medical emergencies to include clinical reasoning and the development of treatment plans. The student will be expected to accept accountability for personal learning and performance which reflects a complex understanding and ability to apply knowledge and skills to neurological emergencies, allergies and anaphylaxis, abdominal and gastrointestinal disorders, immunological, endocrinological, toxicological, hematological, genitourinological and renal, non-traumatic muskuloskeletal, behavioral and psychiatric disorders, and infectious diseases and the application of standards of paramedic practice. Includes laboratory.