Course: EMS 2145  Paramedic Care III A Respiratory and Cardiovascular Emergencies

Subject: Emergency Medical Sciences

Prerequisites: Prerequisite: EMS 1115 Paramedic Care IIA & EMS 1134 Paramedic Care IIB; EMS 1124 Pharmacology Corequisite: EMS 2154 Paramedic Care IIIB; EMS 2161 EMS Fieldwork III

Credits: 5

Description: Paramedic Care IIIA is a study and practical application of adult epidemiology, psychosocial impact, pathophysiology, and management of respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies to include clinical reasoning and the development of treatment plans. The student will be expected to accept accountability for personal learning and performance which reflects a complex understanding and ability to apply knowledge and skills in scenario based education to respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies and apply standards of paramedic practice. Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification and laboratory included.