Course: EMS 1115  Paramedic Care II A Trauma Emergencies

Subject: Emergency Medical Sciences

Prerequisites: Prerequisite: EMS 1035 Paramedic Care I; Corequisite: EMS 1134 Paramedic Care IIB; EMS 1124 Pharmacology; EMS 1051 EMS Fieldwork II

Credits: 5

Description: Paramedic Care IIA is a study of all age groups of advanced assessment, pathophysiology, and management of trauma emergencies to include clinical reasoning and the development of treatment plans. The student will be expected to accept accountability for personal learning and performance which reflects a complex understanding of airway management, respiration and artificial ventilation, circulatory support, hemorrhage, all etiologies of shock, and resuscitation, and chest, abdominal, genitourinary, orthopedic, soft tissue, head, neck, face, nervous system, environmental and multi system trauma and to apply standards of paramedic practice.