Course: EMS 1019  Emergency Medical Technology

Subject: Emergency Medical Sciences

Prerequisites: ENGL 0203, adequate placement score, or by meeting determined placement measures

Credits: 9

Description: The student will be able to do the following by describing the role of the Emergency Medical Technician in an emergency medical services system: perform patient assessment on patients with traumatic injuries and patients with medical emergencies, manage a multi-casualty incident including triage, correctly manage traumatic injuries to the body and its systems, as well as medical emergencies of varying types and causes, perform lifting and moving techniques and light extrication. The student will summarize and interpret legal responsibilities of safe ambulance operations; evaluate psychological and physical factors affecting safe emergency vehicle operations, incident command, hazardous materials incidents, crime scene awareness, rescue awareness. The student will demonstrate techniques for gaining access to the patient, disentanglement, patient movement, and recognize and manage situations posing threats to patients, EMT's or bystanders. This course includes, principles of safely operating a ground ambulance, and current required NIMS and Hazardous Materials training. Additionally, the student will describe current EMS law as it applies to the EMT. A field and hospital practicum are an integral part of the course, for which liability insurance, a student uniform, and a physical, including certain immunizations, are required.