Course: AT 1013  Automotive Student Success Initiative

Subject: Automotive Technology

Prerequisites: None

Credits: 3

Description: Students will participate in four disciplines designed to prepare students to be successful in automotive programs requiring internships. Students will be required to complete the Automotive Safety, Job Interview Skills, Mentoring, and Introduction to Electricity courses. The student must successfully complete the safety course consisting of specific automotive related safety issues as well as those specific to Oklahoma City Community College. The student will continue with a Job Interview Skills course consisting of writing a resume and how to conduct a successful interview, with a mock video taped interview being required. The student will also complete the Mentoring program with both student and sponsoring dealership personnel participating. The student will finally complete an Introduction to Electricity course to ensure basic concepts and abilities are present to ensure entry level skills are present when the student begins the Automotive Program. This course is a prerequisite for all automotive courses in programs requiring an internship. This course satisfies the computer proficiency requirement.