Subject: Physical Therapist Assistant

Prerequisites: PTA 1013, PTA 1023, PTA 1213, BIO 1314, BIO 1414; Corequisites: PTA 1112, PTA 1224, PTA 2014, BIO 2102


Description: 1 The student will explore the characteristics of current physical therapy clinical practice. The student will accurately illustrate the role and responsibilities of the PTA in specific clinical settings represented by facilities appropriate for placement in PTA 1312 Initial Practicum. The student will describe/discuss pertinent regulatory and legislative policies which pertain to said facilities and will convey effective communication and teaching strategies with various patient populations/cultures by means of simulated cases. The student will participate in applying clinical and ethical decision making with a variety of patient scenarios. The student will practice progressing patient interventions based on the physical therapist's established goals and plan of care in simulated scenarios. This comprehensive course will require the student to demonstrate competency and provide adequate rationale for each psychomotor component of all prerequisite coursework including: tests and measures, interventions, and documentation, as well as, application (via demonstration, verbal and/or writing) of safe and effective communication, and clinical decision-making as evidenced by successful completion of a comprehensive skill evaluation prior to entering PTA 1312, Initial Practicum.