Subject: Nursing

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: NUR 2539, POLS 1113. Co-requisites: HIST 1483 or HIST 1493. Prerequisites for Baccalaureate to Associate Degree Nurse Accelerated Pathway (BADNAP): NUR 2539. Co-requisite: POLSC 1113 Prerequisites for Career Ladder Pathway (CLP): NUR 2539, POLSC 1113. Co-requisites: HIST 1483 or HIST 1493.

Credits: 9 CREDITS

Description: Nursing Process IV is designed for the learner to build upon nursing knowledge and skills acquired in previous nursing courses, including higher levels of clinical reasoning abilities. Each learner will independently use the nursing process and clinical reasoning to meet the multi-dimensional needs of a variety of clients, whether individual, family, group, or community. Client-centered care will be provided in settings within complex healthcare systems, including critical care. The learner will use a collaborative approach involving the client, family, significant others, and members of the healthcare team to manage responsibilities for groups of clients. Each learner will be expected to act in accordance with professional role expectations, including the values, ethics, legalities, and standards for entry-level nursing practice.