Subject: Nursing

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: NUR 1519, BIO 1414, ENG 1213. Co-requisites: BIO 2125,Prerequisites for Baccalaureate to Associate Degree Nurse Accelerated Pathway (BADNAP): NUR 1519

Credits: 9 CREDITS

Description: Nursing Process II is designed to promote learner development of additional nursing knowledge and skills, including clinical reasoning, while meeting the multi-dimensional needs of clients across the lifespan within complex healthcare systems. The course is divided into two components. One component focuses on safe, quality nursing care of clients with common medical-surgical health alterations. The second component focuses on safe, quality nursing care of the childbearing family. Learners will be expected to use communication competencies, including technological competencies, while participating with the healthcare team to provide client-centered care. Each learner will also be expected to act in accordance with an increasing understanding of personal accountability for compliance with professional role expectations, consistent with the values, ethics, legalities, and standards for nursing practice.