Course: FVP 2623  DIRECTING

Subject: Film and Video Production

Prerequisites: FVP 1214 or by evaluation. § Criteria for evaluation is in division office.

Credits: 3 CREDITS

Description: Students will analyze the techniques and resources used in modern film directing. They will learn the director's responsibilities in script development, pre-production, production, and post-production. They will learn how a director assesses and integrates the individual contributions of the various film crafts into a production. They will learn how to work with actors in casting sessions and on the set. They will be given practical, hands-on experience in directing by the completion of directing assignments and projects. Students will be divided into teams to work on directing assignments outside of class for later presentation in class, as well as presentations of edited assignments. Each team will be responsible for "casting" the acting talent required for those assignments. Some additional time outside of class will be required for the editing of projects.