ATTENTION! Close Alert Box


Due to inclement weather, Oklahoma City Community College will be closed Thursday, February 22, 2018. This includes classes and activities at the main campus, Professional Development Institute (PDI), Capitol Hill Center, and the Family and Community Education (FACE) Center.

Unless notified otherwise, all classes and activities will resume Friday, February 23, at their regularly scheduled times. Campus closings and delayed openings will be announced through local radio and television stations and posted on the college’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages. They will also be announced through the college’s Campus Alert Notification (CAN) System. For information about how to sign up to receive text messages and add email addresses via the CAN system, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When did this system begin?
A. The system became operational on July 21, 2010.

Q. How does it work?
A. Messages informing students, faculty, and staff of a campus emergency or closure will be distributed via this system.

Q. Who receives the messages?
A. Students enrolled for the current semester will receive messages, as well as faculty and staff.

Q. Where will these messages be sent?
A. Initially, it will be sent to your college email account.

Q. Can I update my record with information so that I can receive text messages on my cell phone?
A. Absolutely! We hope that you do; but we wanted the decision to receive text alerts to be yours. Keep in mind that standard messaging rates may apply. Also, the college cannot be responsible for messages that cannot be delivered due to extenuating circumstances such as overloaded cell towers.

Q. What will I need to know to make the update?
A. You will need to know your MineOnline user ID and password. This is the same user ID and password that you use to access many other systems on campus such as Moodle. If you have additional questions about MineOnline, call the special number - 405-682-7509.

Q. Do I need to create an account for myself?
A. No, an account will be created for you, typically within a day of your admission to the college.

Q. Will emergency messages continue to be shared on the college Facebook page and OCCCalerts?
A. Yes, there are no plans to discontinue the other means of sharing important information.

Q. What kinds of messages will I receive?
A. You will receive two types of messages: 1) messages sent to test that the system is functioning properly will be clearly identified as test messages, 2) actual alerts about campus emergencies or closures. That's it.

Q. Do you promise that the college won't send text messages about enrollment hours, specials at the bookstore, etc?
A. Yes, we promise.

Q. Who do I contact if I have additional questions about the Campus Alert Notification system?
A. We have set up an email account specifically for this system;

Q. I am a relative of an OCCC student. Can I participate in the system?
A. A recent enhancement to the system is subscribing to alerts via text.  Also, anyone can subscribe to the alerts sent out through the Twitter account - OCCCalerts.