Spring 2018 Sessions

Poll Everywhere

Time: 50 minutes

clipboard Poll Everywhere is a student response system which requires no extra hardware. Students can respond to your questions using their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or classroom computers and real-time results can be displayed in a PowerPoint. This sessions will help you get started using Poll Everywhere.

Date Time Room
2/7/2018 1:00 PM SEM 2G1A
2/8/2018 12:30 PM SEM 2G1A


New to Moodle?

These sessions are intended for beginning Moodle users and will cover everything you need to get started teaching your Moodle courses! 

Getting Started With Moodle  

Moodle Logo

Time: 50 minutes

New to Moodle? Start here! This session covers the Moodle fundamentals: navigating Moodle, the basics of adding content to your course, contacting your students in Moodle, and other basic Moodle functions.


Date Time Room
1/17/2018 10:00 AM SEM 2G1A
1/18/2018 10:30 AM SEM 2G1A


Moodle Crash Course

Time: 50 minutes

multi-colored pages

Worried about the Moodle requirements? Don’t be! This hands-on session will help you add a the core elements: syllabus, add attendance, and set up the gradebook in your Moodle course. 


Date Time Room
1/17/2018 1:00 PM SEM 2G1A
1/18/2018 1:30 PM SEM 2G1A


Looking to Increase Your Moodle Skills?

Got the basics down and looking for more? These are the sessions for you!


Crafting Your Moodle Gradebook

Time: 50 minutes

chess piecesPoints-based or weighted? Categories or no categories? Percentage, letter grade, or both? In this session, we walk you through crafting a gradebook from scratch. We will practice adding categories, adding grade items, and editing the course settings to ensure that students see what you want them to see.

Date Time Room
1/17/2018 3:00 PM SEM 2G1A
1/18/2018 4:00 PM SEM 2G1A


Creating Interactive Moodle Content with H5P

Time: 50 minutes

tablet displaying gears


Date Time Room
1/24/2018 3:00PM SEM 2G1A
1/25/2018 12:30 PM SEM 2G1A
1/30/2018 12:30 PM SEM 2G1A


Automate Your Course with the Personalized Learning Designer

Time: 50 minutes

coffee and reading glasses

This session will demonstrate how to use the Personalized Learning Designer to automate certain actions in your Moodle course, such as redirecting students to the course syllabus if they have not yet viewed it, displaying personalized alerts or messages to students upon viewing content, sending personalized emails to students who score below a certain percentage on a quiz, unlocking course content when specific conditions are met, and much more. This session will also prepare you to begin creating your own Personalized Learning Designer Rules to fit your needs and the needs of your students. It is recommended attendees be familiar with the Restrict Access and Activity Completion settings for resources and activities in Moodle.

Date Time Room
1/31/2018 1:00 PM SEM 2G1A
2/6/2018 12:30 PM SEM 2G1A


Looking for other tips?

Modifying Lectures-Simple Strategies that Will Improve Student Learning


Time: 50 minutes


This session will provides simple strategies for making minor changes to your lecturing style that will make major improvements in your students’ learning.


Date Time Room
1/30/2018 1:30 PM SEM 2E2



Reflection – Let’s Think About That

a silhouette thinking in a dark room

Time: 50 minutes

Reflection – for you and your students - can be a powerful learning tool.  This sessions offers ideas on WHY and HOW to include reflection as part of your teaching and learning strategy.

Date Time Room
1/31/2018 1:00 PM SEM 2E2


Small Changes in Teaching: The First Five and The Last Five

pencilsTime: 50 minutes

How you spend the first five (or ten) minutes and the last five (or ten) minutes of each class can make a huge impact on student attitudes and the learning that takes place in your class.  You will be given a dozen starting and ending strategies that are practical, powerful, and productive!

Date Time Room
2/1/2018 1:30 PM SEM 2E2


Entering Required Reports?

These sessions help you get those required reports submitted properly. 


Entering a Never Attended Report in Moodle

Time: 30 minutes

glasses and highlighter

This session explains the process of submitting Never Attended reports in Moodle.

Date Time Room
1/25/2018 10:30 PM SEM 2G1A


Finishing up a Semester in Moodle

Time: 50 minutes

Moodle Logo

Curious how to finish up a semester in Moodle? Want to give your Dean the required information without having to do a lot of work? This session is for you!

Date Time Room
3/8/2018 1:30 PM SEM 2G1A
5/10/2018 1:30 PM SEM 2G1A