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Moodle Sessions - Spring 2019

 Using the Syllabus Accessibility Template

multi-colored pages

The Instructional Learning Committee has worked to create a Syllabus Accessibility Template.  These sessions are available for you to bring a digital copy of your existing syllabus to move into the accessible syllabus template so it is easier for all students to read your important course information. 


Date Time Room
1/14/2019 3:00-3:50 PM SEM 2G1A
1/15/2019 3:00-4:50 PM* This session is a come-and-go working session SEM 2G1A


Moodle Overview

Time: 50 minutes

Moodle Logo

New to Moodle? Start here! This session covers the Moodle fundamentals of navigating Moodle and where to find the important elements of Moodle to help you prepare your courses for the upcoming semester. 

Date Time Room
1/14/2019 4:00 PM SEM 2G1A


Crafting Your Moodle Gradebook 

Time: 50 minutes


Points-based or weighted?  Categories or no categories?  Percentage, letter grade, or both?  In this session, we walk you through crafting a gradebook from scratch.  We will practice adding categories, adding grade items, and editing the course settings to ensure that students see what you want them to see.

Date Time Room
1/16/2019 11:00 AM SEM 2G1A
1/29/2019 12:30 PM SEM 2G1A


H5P and Creating Interactive Moodle Courses

Time: 120 minutes

FireworkMoodle provides two great tools for creating interactive content in your courses. This session will explore H5P Interactive content, which allows for the easy creation of content such as interactive videos, flashcards, quizzes and more. We will also explore the Lesson activity in Moodle which can be used to create branching scenarios or display content based on student responses., and some resources available outside of Moodle which can be embedded in your courses, including interactive maps, 3D models, and more.

Date Time Room
1/17/2019 10:00 AM SEM 2G1A
2/7/2019 3:00 PM SEM 2G1A
4/26/2019 9:00 AM SEM 2G1A


 Tools for Interaction and Collaboration in Moodle

Time: 50 minutes

a microphone

This session will showcase tools for interacting with your students and tools for students to interact with each other.  Topics will include the various Moodle resources available for communication, using Groups in Moodle, and creating collaborative online activities and meetings spaces.  

Date Time Room
1/24/2019 12:30 PM SEM 2G1A


Poll Everywhere

Time: 50 minutes

empty seats in a stadium

Poll Everywhere is a student response system which requires no extra hardware. Students can respond to your questions using their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or classroom computers and real-time results can be displayed in a PowerPoint. This sessions will help you get started using Poll Everywhere.

Date Time Room
1/31/2019 12:30 PM SEM 2G1A

  Entering Required Reports?

These sessions help you get those required reports submitted properly. 

Entering a Never Attended Report in Moodle

Time: 30 minutes

glasses and highlighter

This session explains the process of submitting Never Attended reports in Moodle.

Date Time Room
2/1/2019 9:30 AM SEM 2G1A 

Final Grades in Moodle

Time: 30 minutes

Moodle Logo

This session explains the process of submitting and printing the Final Grades reports in Moodle.

Date Time Room
5/16/18 12:30 PM SEM 2G1A