Ways to use Student Response Systems (Clickers):

To Facilitate Class Discussion - Poll students and discuss reasons for their answers. Engage shy students and encourage them to participate in the discussion.

To Encourage Peer Instruction - Allow students to share their opinions through discussions and see if they come to the same conclusions about the lecture topics.

Multi-Pass Learning - Quickly revisit material throughout the course to review and reinforce previously learned material to improve retention.

To Guide Your Lectures - Poll students and collect immediate feedback about their understanding of the topics of your lecture. Use results to direct your presentation (Agile Teaching).

To Make Your Classes More Interactive - Increasingly tech-savvy students expect to use technology in the classroom. Today's students have a focus on interactivity. Student response systems engage students in the class. Transform your class into an active learning experience for your students.

To Collect Data and Assess Students - Collect data on your course content or learning preferences. Use this data to alter your future courses or current material. Gather responses from all the students in a class simultaneously. Track participation and student understanding of subject matter.

To Administer Quizzes and Exam Reviews - Save time by using student response systems in quizzes without having to manually grade them. Use clicker games for exam reviews, which make reviews more fun and effective.

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