Partnership with Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida Internship Opportunity

The Walt Disney World College Program is an excellent opportunity for students to earn some college credit for their internship experience as well as take other college courses while working at Disney World. Disney World promotes the program as an opportunity to learn, live, and earn to help participants grow both personally and professionally. The students live in Disney sponsored housing, take college classes, and work in the theme parks.

Students can complete the following courses while working at Disney and receive OKCCC Advanced Standing credit: (Generally they take a maximum of 3 courses per semester). In addition, students may take OKCCC online courses while working at Disney World.

Disney Course OKCCC Equivalent
Hospitality Management MGMT 2453 - Mid-Management Seminar
Human Resource Management MGMT 2663 - Human Resource Management
Organizational Leadership MGMT 2053 - Principles of Management
Practicum MGMT 2553 - Directed Occupational Experience
Or FIN 2503 - Financial Services Internship
Or AOT 2663 - Career Education/Internship
Experiential Learning BUS 2003 - Cooperative Education

Disney website for students and educators:

If you have any questions, please contact: OKCCC Advisor: Anita Williams, 682-1611, ext. 7364 -