Courses in Biotechnology

BIOT 1011 Survey of Biotechnology
Prerequisite: (R) (W) (M)
1 CREDIT. The student will explore the field of biotechnology in a comprehensive overview. Course topics will include ethics, current trends in biotechnology careers, and research through demonstrations, seminars, and field-trips.

BIOT 1022 Media and Solution Preparation
Prerequisite:s (W) (M), College biology, CHEM 1115
Corequisite: BIO 2125
2 CREDITS. The student will prepare media and solutions, use calculations required for solution preparation, and use equipment for solution preparation such as the analytical balance, pH meter, and autoclave.

BINFO 1011 Introduction to Bioinformatics
Prerequisite:s (R) (W) (M)
1 CREDIT. Students are introduced to the field of bioinformatics. They will explore the field of bioinformatics in a comprehensive overview, which includes ethics as well as current trends in bioinformatics careers and applications.

BIOT 2352 Immunology
Prerequisite: (W) (M), BIO 2125
2 CREDITS. The student will discuss the nonspecific and specific immune systems of the human organism. Course topics will include antigen-antibody interactions, cell-mediated immunity, interferon, natural killer cells, and complement.

BIOT 2823 Biotechnology Laboratory I
Prerequisites (W) MATH 2013, BIOT 1022
Corequisites: BIO 2343, CHEM 1215
3 CREDITS. Students become familiar with recombinant DNA techniques and gene expression. Students work with genomic and plasmid DNA, create a genomic library, transfer, select for, identify, characterize, amplify, and purify genes. Experience with electrophoresis, polymerase chain reaction, plasmid preps, and bioinformatics will be included.

BIOT 2843 Advanced Nucleic Acid Techniques
Prerequisite: (W) BIOT 2823
3 CREDITS. Students work with advanced DNA and RNA techniques, including sequencing, PCR including quantitative PCR, RT PCR, and microarrays.

BIOT 2933 Biotechnology Laboratory II
Prerequisite: (W) (M), BIOT 2823
3 CREDITS. Students will assay, characterize, quantify and partially purify enzymes with a variety of methods. Immunochemistry will be examined, including ELISA and Western blot.

BIOT 2942 Biomanufacturing
Prerequisites: (W) (M) BIOT 2823 and BIOT 2933.
2 CREDITS. The student will use a biofermenter to grow and monitor cells on a laboratory scale that simulates the large-scale production used in industry. Students will clan, sterilize, inoculate, operate and monitor the fermenter and then recover and purify protein products. Principles of upstream and downstream processing in the manufacture of a protein product using current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will be emphasized.

BIOT 2921 Tissue Culture Methods
Prerequisites: (W) (M), BIO 2125.
1 CREDIT. The student will learn to successfully maintain tissue culture cells in a healthy uncontaminated state for an extended period of time. The course will include making tissue culture media, monitoring cell growth, freezing cells, and bringing up frozen cell,

BIOT 2993 Biotechnology Internship
Prerequisite: (W) (M), BIOT 2933, BIOT 2921
3 CREDITS. Students receive 320 hours of practical experience at one of the affiliated corporations or a university research facility. The techniques learned in BIOT 2823, BIOT 2933 and BIOT 2921 will be applied in an actual research setting to give the student more experience while learning practical applications for laboratory procedures.