CS2413: Web Site Development
WSD2: Java Jam Coffee House Home and Menu Pages


Point Value:

Common Requirements for All Web Pages

Assignments failing to meet any of these items will be eligible for a maximum of 50% credit.
See additional Mandatory Requirements below.

  1. Code must be properly indented. Page 41 gives good example.
  2. The web pages must display correctly in BOTH Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  3. The links between the existing pages with the JavaJam Coffee House website are broken.


Text Pages: 60-63
Downloads: None
Reference: None
Errata Sheet: Chapter Updates for Chapter 2 (In new window, click on Chapter 2 and then scroll to the bottom of center column)

Complete the Web Site Case Study entitled JavaJam Coffee House with the following modifications:


  1. Include a title for your web pages that includes your name (Example:  JavaJam Coffee House Homepage by Cody Codewriter -- Cody Codewriter is replaced by your name
  2. Notice that the Copyright information includes a special character
  3. On the menu page, after the definition list add a new paragraph that will include the words Information about Coffee Drinks (use the <strong> element) followed by an external link to Coffee Wiki. The url is http://coffee.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_coffee_drinks. The modified page will look as follows:

Java Jam External LInk

  1. On p. 62 it states to create links to music.html and jobs.html. Since those pages do not exist, when the user clicks on them a page not found (or similar error) will display. That is acceptable for now.
  2. Using FileZilla upload the entire javajam folder to your Apollo web site
    1. Information regarding your apollo and login is mailed to students using ANGEL email the beginning of the second week. Email your professor if you have not received it.
    2. Access your web pages using the following URL http://apollo.occc.edu/user#####/javajam (user##### will be replaced by the login provided by your instructor.)
    3. The JavaJam Coffee House homepage must appear without any further navigation or clicking.

Assignment Submission:

Mandatory Requirements

Failure to adhere to and/or include the following items will prevent the assignment from being graded. (Note: If time permits, the assignment can be resubmitted during the late/resubmit period, but there will be a 10% penalty.)

    1. All pages must include Transitional DTD information at the top of the XHTML code.
    2. Web pages must be correctly posted to the Apollo server
      • The entire javajam folder must be uploaded to the server
      • The homepage for the Java Jam website must be index.html
    3. All web pages must validate (XHTML) without errors using the Web Developer Tool Bar in FireFox
    4. The URL in ANGEL's DropBox must be a working link and it must open the assignment in a new browser window.
      • The homepage for JavaJam Coffee house must display when the link (http://apollo.occc.edu/####/javajam) in the DropBox is clicked. (no additional clicks to locate the homepage Note: #### is replaced by the apollo login provided by your professor)