2014 Featured Artist

Jamie Rice

Jamie Rice

Jamie Rice is a self-taught artist from Dallas, TX, working professionally for the last 5 years. Though she was engrossed in creative endeavors during most of her life; drawing, sculpting, making her own toys and furniture, and eventually remodeling homes, Jamie never thought it was possible to pursue Fine Art as a career.

While completing her Bachelors in Accounting and prepping for Law School Admissions, she became distressed and repelled by the path she was on. When she decided to meditate over her anxieties, she was overcome with a loud and clear me ssage to paint. Every question was interrupted abruptly with the word “PAINT” and nothing else. “It made no sense! I had never been a painter; I wasn’t very good at it. I had always drawn or sculpted, or built things” Compelled to heed the orders from above, she built a huge 4’x6’ canvas which sat blank, taunting her for several months while she studied. An idea was eventually gifted to her from beyond and she got to work. She would meditate and the ideas would come. An entire year later she completed her first painting, The Big Picture, a multidimensional piece covering iconic events from world history that have shaped our lives today, with the face of god woven subtly among the omnipotent scene, framed by hands in the viewing gesture. From this concept her style was born; she learned to paint and listen to her muses.

She found that her process is highly conducive to commission work. Her patrons share their stories and passions with her and she creates their piece from these musings.

In 2012, Jamie had discovered the art festival circuit and found it to be the most suitable means of showing her work. She enjoys the intimate connections made when meeting people face to face and the high energy, hands on feel of a festival. In her first year, she was accepted in Cottonwood Arts Festival, Deep Ellum Arts festival and Coconut Grove Arts Festival along with several wonderful shows around the country. Jamie shows her work locally at Pop 54 Art Gallery at Midtwon, Dallas, TX. She has since developed her style and made the decision to embrace the unknown, in pursuit of living an enriched, creative life, perhaps as an artist, but most importantly, not as a lawyer.


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