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TOEFL Testing

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an examination designed to show how well international students read, write, and understand English. This test is used to determine admission to a college and/or to recommend placement in Intensive English Courses. The TOEFL is available under two separate programs: The International Testing Program and the Institutional Testing Program. Oklahoma City Community College offers only the Institutional Test which is designed for students seeking admission here. The scores cannot be transferred to another college. If students are unsure about their college plans or would like scores sent to another college they should take the International Testing Program.

Practice Questions and Exam Info

The TOEFL® Test - Test of English as a Foreign Language™



TOEFL Examinations

Beginning July 1st, 2014, the fee for the Institutional TOEFL examination will be $60.00 (fee is subject to change at anytime). Payment is required to register for the TOEFL.  Both registration and payment are required prior to the test date. 

Pay online through CASHNETCashnet

Testers can pay online for Tests with a credit card or electronic check through the Higher One CASHNET system.  There will be a 2.75% convenience fee for the use of credit cards.

Payment does not reserve a seat for any specific test date. Please contact the Testing and Assessment Office at 405-682-7531 to register for a specific test date.

Acceptable Primary ID Documents

  • Valid passport with name, photograph and signature.
  • If your passport is not written in English-language letters, you must also present a supplemental ID that contains your name, photograph and signature and is written in English.
  • US Government-issued driver’s license with name, photograph and signature
  • State or Province ID card , including those issued by motor vehicle agencies, with name, photograph and signature
  • Military ID with name, photograph and signature
  • Your first and last names must match the ID.

The photo must be clearly recognizable as you


2015-2016 TOEFL TEST DATES              
June 20, 2016   Institutional TOEFL   9:30am  
July 18, 2016   Institutional TOEFL   9:30am  
July 25, 2016   Institutional TOEFL   9:30am  
August 01, 2016   Institutional TOEFL   9:30am  
September 12, 2016   Institutional TOEFL   9:30am