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The General Educational Development program offers persons who have not graduated from high school the opportunity to enhance and develop abilities which normally would have been gained through secondary education. The introduction program (GED Classwork) provides introduction to concepts required to high school diplomas. The GED Test shows, if the student receives a passing score, competency in those areas.

Most colleges and universities accept the GED Certificate as an indicator that high school level abilities have been met. Those institutions may still require college-level assessment.

The GED also provides evidence that a person has the ability to benefit from a college education and may receive financial aid. College degrees, which can be attained more easily because of a person's prior preparation and readiness for education, have been shown, on an average, to increase a person's productivity, income and self-worth.

Effects of successfully completing a GED program impact self, current or future family and a person's own community. Education frees everyone to contribute.