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Due to continued power outages in this part of Oklahoma City, OCCC's main campus will close at 3:00 pm today, Tuesday, December 1. All classes and activities scheduled for the main campus are cancelled. The campus is expected to re-open at 7:00 am tomorrow morning, Wednesday, December 2. OCCC's FACE Center, Professional Development Institute and Capitol Hill Center are not affected by the power outages and will remain open for all scheduled classes and activities today.
Students, faculty, and staff will be notified about any further cancellations via our Campus Alert Notification system. For more information about this system, go to

Sample Syllabi

Accounting 2113 Accounting I Financial

Accounting 2123 Accounting II Managerial

Bio 1023 Introductory Nutrition

Bus 2023 Business Communication

CAD 1214 Computer Aided Design

CS 1103 Introduction to Computers and Applications

CS 1143 Beginning Programming

CS 1153 Introduction to Computer Technologies

English 1103 and 1113 English Composition I and Multicultural English Composition I

English 1203 and 1213 English Composition II and Multicultural English Composition II

Bio 1114 General Biology

GEOG 2603 World Regional Geography

History 1483

Humanities 2213 Classical and Medieval

PHIL 1013 Introduction to Philosophy

Humanities 2223 Modern Humanities

Humanities 2143 Mythology online

PHIL 1603 Introduction to Logic

POL 1113 American Federal Government

PSY 1113

PSY 2403 Developmental Psychology

SCL 1001 Success in College and Life

SOC 1113 Introduction to Sociology

LS 0133 Study Skills